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Ambady Suresh June 10, 2002 16:16

Best scheme for 2d convection
Hi Folks :

I am looking for the "best" (most accurate, most efficient, robust etc.) scheme for 2d convection. Very academic, agreed. I am familiar with a few :

MPDATA - JCP (1998), WENO5 - JCP (1996), PP2DU - SIAM JSC (2000), UTOPIA - JCP (1996),

Could someone post what they think are the best candidates with references to where I might read about them ?

Thanks Very Much !

A. Suresh

Alexey June 14, 2002 12:10

Re: Best scheme for 2d convection
I used WENO5 for different problems including natural convection and I think this is the best scheme.


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