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Jayd June 11, 2002 10:54

2D Flat Plate Oscillatory BL Transition
Hi guys,

I am a new research student doing experimental work on boundary layer transition under oscillation. The case is 2d Flat Plate. Now, my experimental data need to be simulated or compare with CFD assessment. My problem is i am definetely 'blank' about CFD, particularly simulating and modelling the transition of the boundary layer (LES), plus it's characteristics under oscillation. My point is: 1. Does anybody would like to validated their software by comparing it with my experimntal data? 2. Is there any available 'commercial code' which can simulate my problem?

Your attention, response, comments and suggestion are much appreciated.

cheers Jay

babyface June 17, 2002 20:49

Re: 2D Flat Plate Oscillatory BL Transition
You can mail me the experimental condition. I am using commercial CFD code.I will mail to you the results.

Jay June 18, 2002 08:02

Re: 2D Flat Plate Oscillatory BL Transition
Hi 'Babyface' (it would be good to know your real name, Mr. Rong?..)

Thanks for your kindly response. I finally got someone who actually doing the same thing with me or at least close to my problem and would like to offer their help.

Ok. Please find attachment-- sent separately--for the following:(please treated these information confidential) 1. table of typical standard experimental condition 2. The geometry of the model for your modelling 3. Charts of the results on Non-oscillating condition (In my opinion, for the oscillating condition, which is the real case, we just actually change or varied the incidence (See alpha-t on table of Standard Testing Condition above).

Hope you'll doing it successfully, and once the simulation results shown close to the experimental prediction , then I'll definetely consider the commercial code that you are using.

Thanks again 'babyface'. Anyone would like to offer their would be much appreciated.

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