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Seo, Hyeoncheol June 12, 2002 01:34

Why and where should multiphase be used?

This is first time to load a message here. (Wow! Exciting!) I have a very beginner's question, but it is very important.

In the engineering field, we have to have some results that can be used to analyze even under the physically assuming and restriction. CFD could be the typical example for the engineers.

Actually every natural phenomina would be multiphase flows, but usually we have used one phase flow analysis under some physically reasonable assumption.

Nowadys interests about the multiphase application are increasing due to passion to find out the solution of complex problem and hardware development.

But I'd like to know about your opinion what are the current limits of multiphase ENGINEERING application with CFD in respect of physical area and why and where we can use this approach even under the limits?

This is very unclear question but any comments would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Nyatoto June 15, 2002 06:28

Re: Why and where should multiphase be used?
dear, this is either a question from an expert or from a novice. This does not matter much, we all were novice at one time and will be experts at some time. The starting point is beginning point is, What are you trying to model? second, what is your ownn definition of of a phase? I am aware that the definition of a phase could be as 'fluid' as the definition of a component. Thus, we have multicomponent and multiphase modelling in CFD.

There two disciplines are defined differently. That is the second second question after you have add

regards nyatoto

rahmat, MEng June 18, 2002 10:52

Re: Why and where should multiphase be used?
Dear all, I'm also a bigenner too. But I will open your mind about multiphase flow.

If a fluid domain which we analyze is contain two or more type of fluid, example: air-water flow, vapor-liquid flow, we must make multiphase model.

There are two models, homogeneous model, and separated flow model for two phase flow model. But there several model, like cavitation model when there is mass transfer between the phase, example voapor to liquid and the reverse process.


Sincerly Rahmat

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