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Peter June 12, 2002 10:39

Heating and Ventilation CFD URGENT
Can anyone recommend a solver for a heating and ventilation CFD problem? Flow around an open plan office with computers and AC is ideal. Relative pros and cons of the software is also valuable knowledge. Thanks!

Clif Upton June 12, 2002 12:14

Re: Heating and Ventilation CFD URGENT
Try coolit, I assume any of electronics cooling codes, like coolit or flotherm can do this easily.

adarsh June 13, 2002 02:04

Re: Heating and Ventilation CFD URGENT

there is a software named 'SUNREL' by a US agency which simulates the flows for different arcitectures and encourages the use of sun energy for natural ventilation. give a google search .. i dont know more than that abt it


Mark Russell June 13, 2002 05:53

Re: Heating and Ventilation CFD URGENT
A similar question has been posted before.

To add to the codes suggested above you might do well to also search the archives for past similar threads. That way you may get a broader response.

You could also look at the current hvac research oriented literature to see what studies have been undertaken and look to see what codes have been used.

That way YOU can compare their configuations to yours and see if the code appears to have the functionality to handle YOUR problem.

In addition to which why not contact the code vendors and ask for references to case study examples that are similar in nature to yours.

Hope this helps.

Mark Russell

Andy Robertson June 13, 2002 10:28

Re: Heating and Ventilation CFD URGENT
Peter, Currently I am working on a dedicated front end for STAR-CD for just such problems. While we are still a few months away ( I hope) from a beta product. I am very interested in a real problem from a real potential end user. Is there any chance I can get a detailed problem description. I may be able to arrange a demonstration analysis.

What CAD program are you using?

Oh, the working title of the software is es-bart. Thats expert system for building and room thermofluids.

You can get an overview of the product at You should be able to find some pretty pictures(after all this is colorful fluid dynamics).

Send me an email direct if you are interested in more information

duncan June 14, 2002 11:58

Re: Heating and Ventilation CFD URGENT

ymbj June 14, 2002 15:02

Re: Heating and Ventilation CFD URGENT
Title of mentioned URL:

Simply Powerful Airflow Modeling Software


This a wind up?

Jim June 17, 2002 15:53

Re: Heating and Ventilation CFD URGENT
Flomerics' FLOVENT has been dedicated to precisly this type of application since 1989.

Helge June 20, 2002 08:42

Re: Heating and Ventilation CFD URGENT
And of course CFX also has done tons of work in this field.

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