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YANG June 12, 2002 22:08

aerodynamic derivative
Hi everyone: Is anyone here know some knowledge about calculation of aerodynamic derivatives, such CL_alpha_dot ant CM_alpha_dot, via unsteady CFD? I am appreciate you give me some reference papers.


Axel Rohde June 12, 2002 22:29

Re: aerodynamic derivative
I am not aware of any published 3-D Navier Stokes simulations around entire aircraft that determine stability derivatives. Such has been done though through so-called panel methods based on potential flow theory. You can read more on that at the following site,

Scroll down that page about half-way and read the fine print on "How it Works". According to some gamers this is the best commercially available flight simulator program currently on the planet. Quote "...leaves Microsoft's Flight Sim in the dust...". I cannot comment on it personally, but check it out. The scary part is, this program was developed by a SINGLE guy, rather than a team of people.

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