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triton June 13, 2002 16:01

Flow around cylinder
I'm solving the steady Navier-Stokes equations by artificial compressibility method. Since the flow around the cylinder is unsteady, I can't get a steady solution. Anyone has experience with this? Any method to damp out the unsteadiness?

sam kashan June 13, 2002 16:14

Re: Flow around cylinder
why to damp the unsteadiness. I am interested on the rational behind a steady state solution

If you follow the recent massage " General CFD question " in this thread you will see that i am having almost an oposite question which is what is the relevence of a steady state solution.

I solved the same problem using Finite Volume and SIMPLE method and obtained A steady state solutionfor Re=3900.

Peter Kostka June 17, 2002 11:05

Re: Flow around cylinder
I am certainly no expert but I was under the impression that a problem with an oscillating transient solution should provide an underconstrained system and a steady state solution should diverge.

How is it that a steady state solution can exist at all ? Like I said, I don't know much and am simply curious about the answer.

Pao June 25, 2002 11:41

Re: Flow around cylinder
How you validate the computational results with test data?

sam June 25, 2002 17:01

Re: Flow around cylinder
There is many experimental data and LES quality solutions (Mittal, Buerer, Moin, etc,..) for the flow past cylinder at RE=140,000 and 3900. I used them

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