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Aini June 17, 2002 00:23

Fluids Animation
Dear all,

Can I used another equations instead of Navier-Stokes to animate the liquids? I've read many journals and every journal used Navier-Stokes.

rahmat, MEng June 18, 2002 10:41

Re: Fluids Animation
Dear Aini...

Do you want to make your own code? I mean you make such as CFD program using Fortran, C++ etc?

Or You would like using existing CFD software? such as Fluent or Ansys?

Please tell me?

Abou Navier Stokes equation, it's depend on your case, and how accurate solution do you want. You can also using invicid flow modelling for a simple case of a flow. When you considering the friction at the wall, the best approach for this case is vnavier stokes

Sincery Ir. Rahma

Aini June 18, 2002 20:14

Re: Fluids Animation
Dear Sir,

My supervisor told me to focus on the simulation of the fluids. I have to implement a new package to show user what is the relation between an object movement in viscous and inviscous fluids. And also, I have to stress on this 2 types of fluids properties. And, for the time being I think I'll implement this package using Matlab tools. Or, can you suggest anything for me? It should be implement in 3D. Currently, I've reading some journals on this topics but it seems difficult for me to understand. Can you suggest any reading material which I can read? Actually, I'm really new on this but I'm interested with all the simulation and animation. I really hope that I can write my own code but it depends on time.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and suggestion.

rahmat, MEng June 19, 2002 06:07

Re: Fluids Animation
Dear Aini, Where do you study? Is that any too of MAthLab could do that? I think you for complex geometri and fluid case, you should make your own code. But maybe for result presentation ypu can do it with mathlab.

What kind of approach for fluid flow do want? How about the discreatization? which on do you use? finite volume? finie elemt or finite difference?

I think you haven't know about numerical approach in fluid dynamics or the level of governing equatin.

Please read several fluid dynamics basic concept. And try to read some numerical in fluid dynamics.


Aini June 20, 2002 00:27

Re: Fluids Animation
Dear Sir,

Yes, actually I'm not very familiar with those numerical approach in fluids dynamics. I'm still reading on it. Anyway, thanks a lot because you've helped a lot for the time being.

Another thing, about the software you've told before.. Fluent and Ansys. What can this software do? Thank you.

Ajay S. Parihar June 23, 2002 05:12

Re: Fluids Animation
Dear Aini I think first you sould be familiar with all numerical approach used in CFD. For this you can take help of some preliminary book by Anderson...For the numarical simulation Matlab is so slow... So its better to choose C++ or Fortran languages. You can use matlab for the Postprocessing purpose. Fluent is the solver for CFD problems and ansys is used for FEM analysis

rahmat June 26, 2002 08:25

Re: Fluids Animation
Dear All If I could suggest you, I agree with Ajay. By using your own code, you will know better about fundamental numerical approach in CFD.

Ansys using FEM, As an information, Fluent using finite volume. If you want to know depp about it, please read "Introduction to Finite Volume" by Malasekara or Fundamental of CFD, by HIRCH thanks

Aini June 26, 2002 20:25

Re: Fluids Animation
Dear all,

Thanks for guiding me. Now I know what I should do and understand. I've kept reading a journal but it's too difficult sometimes to understand. Now, I'm looking forward to get anderson books. Thanks again.


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