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Soren June 23, 2002 16:01

Convert Euler code to full N-S

Simpel question:

What are needed in terms of code midification when I want to convert a Euler code to simulate incompressible N-S with k-eps turbulence model ?

Thanks in advance.



Rami June 24, 2002 02:46

Re: Convert Euler code to full N-S
Dear Soren,

The question is indeed simple - the answer is not...

o You have to include the viscous terms in the transport equations;

o You should add the k-e transport equations (after deciding if you need the high- or low- Re model, and exactly which variant of the k-e family);

o You should allow for BC treatment including viscosity (e.g., no slip at walls) and appropriate BC for k-e (either by corresponding wall functions or direct approach resolving the viscous sublayer);

o You should choose an appropriate algorithm to allow for the incompressibility constraint (e.g., SIMPLE-like or artificial comressibility);

o You should adapt or modify altogether the discretization and numerical solution algorithm to allow stable and accurate solution to the full N-S equations system;

o and more... (e.g., treatment of additional inputs, additional output, further submodels, like the viscosity variaton with temperature).

I assume that if you do such a conversion, there will be little resemblance between the final and the original codes.

Rajani Kumar Akula June 24, 2002 02:49

Re: Convert Euler code to full N-S
just add the additional terms explicitly.

Li Yang June 25, 2002 04:47

Re: Convert Euler code to full N-S
Hi Soren,

I think it would be a very big job for you to implement all these. I suggest that you should get such a code from an expert in CFD or have a check the book from Ferziger and Peric.



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