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fanadam June 23, 2002 23:07

about activation energy
Hi, everyone. I'm simulating plasma spray, which involves the following reactions: Ar(+)+e=Ar, H(+)+e=H, H+H=H2. But I don't know the activation energy and Pre-exponential Factors of the 3 reactions. I've searched them in the internet, but I got nothing. Could you do me a favor? Thanks a lot!

Dean June 24, 2002 10:54

Re: about activation energy
The H2 + M = 2H + M rate can be found in the GRI mechanism at . Also, it can be found in almost any issue of any combustion journal, such as Combustion and Flame, as part of some detailed kinetics mechanism.

The ionic reactions are harder to find, but should be available in the literature on plasma torches.

ken June 24, 2002 13:26

Re: about activation energy
Try and see if you can find any useful information from one of the downloadable *.dat files.


1. (1992) Sommerer, T. J.;Kushner, M. J.. "Numerical Investigation of the Kinetics and Chemistry of Rf Glow-Discharge Plasmas Sustained in He ; N2 ; O2 ; He/N2/O2 ; He/Cf4/O2 ; and Sih4/Nh3 Using a Monte-Carlo-Fluid Hybrid Model." Journal of Applied Physics71(#4):1654-1673 2. (1995) Meeks, E.;Shon, J. W.. "Modeling of Plasma-Etch Processes Using Well Stirred Reactor Approximations and Including Complex Gas-Phase and Surface-Reactions." Ieee Transactions On Plasma Science23(#4):539-549 and references therein.

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