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Joe July 3, 2002 13:13

Computational MHD Applications?
Hi all

I'm just wondering what kind of applications exist for Computational Magnetohydrodynamics. I can think of Solar Wind at least, but there must be others. I happened to learn that aeronautical institutes or industries are studying MHD, but don't know exactly why. When/Where do we need MHD? Can anyone give me a hint?

Thank you

frank July 3, 2002 15:19

Re: Computational MHD Applications?
I think Ken Powell at the University of Michigan, also together with Van Leer do MHD. Maybe you will find some information there. The lab is called Keck laboratory


xueying July 3, 2002 16:07

Re: Computational MHD Applications?
I remember that Bruce A. Finlayson from chemical engineering dept at university of Washington gave us a seminar about Ferrofluid modeling. If Ferrofluid is also kind of MHD, you might check his web to see some information.

Axel Rohde July 3, 2002 16:34

Re: Computational MHD Applications?
If I am not mistaken, nuclear fusion, which is still in its experimental stage, makes use of the idea of keeping the very hot plasma (which would otherwise melt the reactor walls) inside a 'magnetic bottle'. Computational MHD is used in 'designing' this magnetic bottle.

Jim Park July 4, 2002 09:35

Re: Computational MHD Applications?
Perhaps 15 years ago, power generation firms in the US, including the Tennessee Valley Authority, were looking at MHD as a means of increasing the efficiency of coal-burning power plants. The idea was to generate high combustion temperatures, ionizing the combustion gases, running them through a magnetic field and tapping the power from that. As the hot plasma cooled and lost its charge, it was run through a 'conventional' boiler or gas turbine to generate more power. In addition to higher efficieny, more complete combustion and better control of polluting emmissions were promised with this scheme.

I recall that high corrosion and fouling rates made the scheme unattractive.

I think the US Department of Energy still has a lab in West Virginia (?) that is working on these ideas.

Knut July 5, 2002 08:36

Re: Computational MHD Applications?
MHD is applied to optimize several mettalurgical processes, such as aluminium electrolysis, electromagnetic pumping etc.

Joe July 9, 2002 12:18

Re: Computational MHD Applications?
Now I can use those key words you mentioned to search more infomation.

Thank you! Joe

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