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anonymous July 4, 2002 03:25

No serious CFD progresses?
I have left CFD field for almost ten years. I still see many dicussions in this forum on some topics that have already been solved ten years ago. It seems to me there are no serious advances in CFD.

Paul July 4, 2002 06:56

Re: No serious CFD progresses?
Maybe you should refer to the so many research papers for the advances in the CFD, rather than by browsing this forum.

Steve Amphlett July 4, 2002 11:30

Re: No serious CFD progresses?
I would have said that the introduction and use of scalable, massively parallel solvers is good progress.

Erwin July 5, 2002 09:09

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Charles Crosby July 8, 2002 03:55

Re: No serious CFD progresses?
Mmm, that may be true from an academic or research point of view, but practically speaking, CFD is very useful and usable now. I call that a lot of progress.

Greg Perkins July 8, 2002 22:49

Re: No serious CFD progresses?
Why are we bothering to respond to some anonymous person's subjective opinions!

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