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Frank Muldoon July 10, 2002 20:08

iso surfaces in parallel
I have written a Fortran 95 solver that is parallelized using MPI. I am looking for a way to visualize the time dependent results from my solver. I am particularly interested in extracting iso surfaces at each time step of the solution and creating an animation from them. My data sizes are generally greater then 10 million grid points. I need to make animations of iso surfaces involving up to 3,000 time steps. Since my code runs in parallel, ideally I would like visualization software that does this also to prevent the visualization from becoming a bottle neck. What would be ideal is to have some suboutines that each process in my solver would call that would get an iso surface in parallel over my entire distributed grid and write say a single tiff file at each time step. Has anyone out there used any software that can do what I am asking?

Pete July 11, 2002 07:57

Re: iso surfaces in parallel
Ensight from CEI is a powerful flow visualization package that has been used on parallel platforms with large meshes and is quite useful for transient animations.

As far as calling routines from your solver, I recall there's a package developed at MIT by Bob Haimes called Visual3, I think? (the name may have changed by now) It may have a set of callable routines.

Jeff Moder July 11, 2002 13:17

Re: iso surfaces in parallel
PV3 (parallel Visual3) does exactly what you want.

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