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Artin Oroojian July 13, 2002 14:48

Help on multiblock code
Hi; I am Artin M.S. student.I am trying to develope a multiblock Finite Volume code for (compressible,turbulent) my final project. I want to know whether anyone can help me in how to start,what to determine,and how to proceed. Any hint,experince or even a sentence will be of great value for me.I would really be grateful to hear.

Many many thanks;

abhijeet vaidya July 14, 2002 03:11

ur query
hi, please refer to (1)Numerical heat transfer and fluid mechanics of Patankar for basics (2)K.C. Karki - PhD Thesis - Minnesota & two papers published in Numerical Heat Transfer A,1988 for a compressible flow calculation over a boundary fitted grid & (3) JF Thompson's book - Numerical grid generation -which is online available on this site itself for multi block mesh generation & (4) a lot of papers available in Numerical Heat Transfer journal (Part A),published over last 20 years on multi block flow solvers especifically that of W. Shyy's paper ( i think its 1985 or 86 Numerical Heat transfer).

hope this makes a good literature survey start. ys Abhi PhD-IIT

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