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Javier Fuentes July 13, 2002 18:06

CFD and Open Source
There are a great number of "Open Souce" projects on the Web. Linux, The GNU Project, The apache Software Foundation, MySQL, etc.

I would like to know whether there are similar Open Source projects on CFD out there. If there is not, why would that be?

I really appreciate your feedback.

Javier Fuentes

AMR July 14, 2002 07:00

Re: CFD and Open Source
Open CFD (OCFD) is an unstructured Euler solver developed by Dr. Barakos from University of Glasgow and will be released soon.

Javier Fuentes July 14, 2002 14:20

Re: CFD and Open Source
What I am looking for is an "open source" project. It would be an excellent idea for the CFD community the existence of such a project. You would be able to use it free, make copies of it, modify it, and contribute to it.

Is this such a bad/crazy idea?

Javier Fuentes

Free_and_SIMPLE July 15, 2002 05:02

Re: CFD and Open Source
Look at

Here you will find information about the Gerris Flow Solver, which is an open source project.

The developer stated :

"The code is still in its early stage of development but is being actively worked on. The main short-term goal is the implementation of a flexible user interface for parallel computations of 2D/3D incompressible Euler flows."

Phil Buelow July 15, 2002 17:35

Re: CFD and Open Source
Here's another open-source CFD code that can be found on

Just go to and do a search for DUNS. It's a 2D/3D Multi-block Navier-Stokes code.

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