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abhijeet vaidya July 14, 2002 03:18

Wall Boundary Condition in k - epsilon model
hi folks, I have a problem regarding the application of wall boundary while implementing k - epsilon model of turbulence. In wall boundary cells , for the velocity component which is parallel to the wall, in "orthogonal grids", we can easily imply the shear stress boundary condition in the standard wall functions approach. What will happen if instead of shear stress, I use Uplus i.e. instead of using Neumann type b.c. , can i use the Dirichlet type of bc. If one has a non orthogonal (curviliner) grid, its difficult to apply shear stress condition compared to Uplus bc. Hence I feel that in this case it will be easier to use the Uplus bc rather. Thanks for your patience and your experienced suggestions/remarks will be highly regarded.

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