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David Carnaga July 18, 2002 05:11

liquid film modeling
If a moving plane surface is being moved up (e.g., @ 1 m/s) from a liquid water bath, what should be the typical water film.

Any liquid film modeler out there ?

To model a y mm thick of water film, how many cells should be used along the depth of the film?

Any references, suggestions, comments are welcome.


Peter Kostka July 18, 2002 16:06

Re: liquid film modeling
I know this isn't very helpfull, but I think that you'll need to model surface tension effects to get a good idea of film thickness and the behavior of the film. A lot would also depend on the characteristics of the surface eg rougness, surface energy, and ensuring that the surface is exactly normal to motion and gravity.

Sorry I couldn't say anything more productive.

Michael July 18, 2002 21:07

Re: liquid film modeling
The University of Leeds is one of the leading institutions on thin film modelling and i think they have academic codes that could model this type of flow, have a look at their website You could also approach some of the leading commercial CFD vendors if you were interested in them working as consultants. I'm most familiar with CFX-5, this has a surface tension model so should be able to model this, but they could be others too.

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