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Frank Muldoon July 19, 2002 15:33

DNS validation
I am a Doctoral student at LSU working in the area of DNS of jets in crossflow. I have written a code and am in the process of validating it. I am looking for some good experimental data (at relatively low Re) to compare against for a separated flow. Does anyone have the data in the paper listed below? Or data from some other flow say, ribbed ducts, square cylinder ... some type of separated low Re flow?

Thanks Frank

S. Jovic and D.M. Driver. Backward-facing step measurements at low Reynolds number, Reh = 5000. NASA Tech. Memo 108807, 1994.

AJS July 22, 2002 09:31

Re: DNS validation
You can find the square cylinder case well documented in two places - the LESig group at ERCOFTAC and the AGARD test cases for validation of LES codes. Both of these can be reached from the 'Test Casea and Databases" section of the resources page on this site. the square cylinder case from the AGARD site also has a lot of other peoples resutlts posted there in case you want to compare against those too. Very useful.


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