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Chuck Leakeas July 20, 2002 17:34

Thermodiffusion or Soret effect
Hello all,

Does anyone know where to find or understand the physics behind thermodiffusion in dilute gas mixtures. I know that mass separation occurs due to a strong temperature gradient in the flow. But I also know that this effect is related to molecular pressure gradients in a mixture somehow. Is anyone knowledgeable in this area and can they point me to a good resource on information? Thanks in advance!

ken July 22, 2002 18:51

Re: Thermodiffusion or Soret effect
Bird, Stewart & Lightfoot, Transport Phenomena, Ch 18.4.

Dean July 24, 2002 02:42

Re: Thermodiffusion or Soret effect
More detailed theoretical developments are given by:

S. Chapman and T. G. Cowling, The Mathematical Theory of Non-Uniform Gases

J. O. Hirschfelder, C. F. Curtiss, and R. B. Bird, Molecular Theory of Gases and Liquids

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