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Thomas July 23, 2002 02:08

Diesel properties
Hi there! I try to simulate the combustion of diesel in a burner. I am struggling to get the right properties like density, conductivity, heat capacity, saturation pressure, etc. In most cases the commercial software packages offer n-dodecane (C12H26) in their databases. But this is only one component of diesel. I would like to know what people out there in the cfd-community use and where to get appropriate data. I found, that some people use C12H23 (What is that?). Searching the web gave only poor results.

Any comments or hints are appreciated.

Thanks, Thomas

Chris Patterson July 23, 2002 12:14

Re: Diesel properties
Thomas The Alternative Fuels Data Center (US Department of Energy) has a good deal of fuel data. I found this in a quick search (imperial - sorry!)

Alternatively you'll have to buy an ISO (I hate that).

I'd check what is meant by diesel on your project - it's not all the same stuff you know. Hope this is of some help Chris

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