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tyler July 25, 2002 02:44

MPI error
I am doing MPI. I got an error 11. It is 'Invalid Demensioin Argument'. How can I solve it? thanx

Wen Long July 25, 2002 20:55

Re: MPI error
Can you give more info? such as the segment of code in problem?

It might be a variable type error.

tyler July 26, 2002 06:33

thanx, anyway
there are more than 10000 lines code. I am using MPI 1.2/ Linux 7.0/ F90/dynamic arrays bounds/MPI_BCAST/MPI_SEND/MPI_RECV

when running, one master with four slaves. master does nothing. there are always one slaves no proc.

thank you one more time.

I found no variable type error. (maybe I should check again).

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