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Mark Render July 26, 2002 02:32

convert velocity in momentum source

knowing the measured velocity distribution in the propeller disk and the thrust and moment I want to convert that data into forces for every cell in the propeller disk to model the propeller by source terms. So I think that the velocity distribution caused by the source terms should be the same than in the measurements.

Does some know how to do it in detail or know a good detailed reference for that.



Wen Long July 26, 2002 17:20

Re: convert velocity in momentum source
This is an inverse problem. If the domain is simple and the flow not too complicated and linerization is allowed. You may use the Fourier transform method to find the transfer function between the Velocity and Force (source term) in frequency domain. Then construct the source = sum( T(w) *V0(w),for all w) where w is frequency and V0 is amplitude and T is the transfer function.

Otherwise, I don't have good idea,

Theories like wavemaker theory address alike problems though not exactly the same.

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