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Chris July 30, 2002 13:28

Heat Transfer Coefficients: Predictive Capability

I am curious as to the capability of CFD in predicting convective heat transfer coefficients. I am primarily concerned with attached flows in high turbulence regions; conditions similar to those found in turbomachinery applications. Any personal experience or publication references would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Chris

pfadix August 8, 2002 04:03

Re: Heat Transfer Coefficients: Predictive Capabil
You may contact your local CFX vendor. They recently have published a report in which they compare different turbulence models for different heat tranfer problems.


The report presents heat transfer predictions based on the CFX software suite for advanced CFD simulations. A series of nine testcases has been computed with the k-epsilon, k-omega and the SST model. The model formulations are given in detail including a description of the near wall treatment of the equations, which was found to be of major importance for accurate heat transfer predictions. It is demonstrated that many of the previously reported poor results for eddy viscosity models are a result of the applied low-Re near wall treatment and not so much of the underlying turbulence model. The results of the simulations with CFX are compared with other models given in the literature, including some recently published results. It is shown that the SST model, in combination with an optimal wall treatment, does provide highly accurate results for a wide variety of heat transfer testcases.

curious george August 16, 2002 14:31

Re: Heat Transfer Coefficients: Predictive Capabil

Would you please post the name of the paper. It is difficult to search by abstract.


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