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Apoorva Ghosh August 1, 2002 03:05

Vortex centre in 3-D driven cavity problrms
A very bright hello to all the eminent scientists.

I am working on the study and analysis of the geometry of Streamline Tori in laminar flows in 3-D Lid driven cavity.

I have got some interesting conclusions too. I want to know, given the solns of NS Equations & poisson's eqn for pressure, boundary conditions and Re, can we find or device any method to obtain the vortex centre by some quantitative means.

This Vortex centre should be of tremendous importance for those working in this field, because this is the black hole of such flows, where if the particle is released, it's ultimate fate would be to get trapped in mid Z plane where the velocity vectors are coplanar (w=0)

Thanks in Advance


Adrin Gharakhani August 1, 2002 19:22

Re: Vortex centre in 3-D driven cavity problrms
Go to and click on "Identification of Swirling Flow in 3-D Vector Fields" in the Publications sub-section. It's a postscript file. There are also good references in this paper, including the one by Hussain on the identification of vortex cores ...

Adrin Gharakhani

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