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Bo Busk Jensen August 2, 2002 07:28

mesh types in pipes
Hallo All

I ahve a very basic question that I probably have the answer to my self, but I need to get it confirmed with other people within the CFD community.

I have a geometry involving some pipes. In principle two different types of meshes can be used: butterfly mesh and the normal cylindrical mesh with wedge shaped cells in the centre of the pipe.

I have made simulations with both types of meshes without seeing any difference in residuals and the velocity profile. So, I ask wy is it that peopel always suggests that the butterfly mesh is superior to the cylindrical one???



Jim Park August 2, 2002 09:30

Re: mesh types in pipes
Years ago, trainers at two different CFD vendors told me that the point (line in 3D) where the wedges meet at the center of the cylindrical system is awkward to handle. Since the block structured (butterfly?) mesh schemes don't have this problem, they presented less numerical problems to the solvers.

Smit August 2, 2002 11:11

Re: mesh types in pipes
Are you just simulating uniform, axial, flow? You may well see differences if you introduce swirl or a strong secondary flow

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