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Joo Seok Oh January 29, 1999 04:14

gas-liquid two phase
Hello? Are there anybody to help me with two pahse flow problem? My problem is as follows. Two reacting chemical components are inserted in the middle of liquid media. The liquid moves by the floating gases. Two gas bubble smear out to the fluid media. There they can react. As the bubble float the size diminishes and the reaction proceeds. any comment is welcomed.

Youngseok Joo February 11, 1999 08:14

Re: gas-liquid two phase
Dear Joo Seok Oh, I think,...Reactive flow and combustion problems have been researched at Los Alamos National Laboratory for many years. So, you could get some opened reports about that problems at their Web site. ( I'm also having problems with two-phase problems. But my research area is not matching with your problems. I'm interesting such a cavitation problem on propeller blades. I'm very sorry about that I can't give any idea directly for your problems. Regards, Youngseok.

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