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Fluman August 8, 2002 05:04

How to plot streamline with panel method?
I am now studying with panel method. I always wonder if I can plot the streamline with this method.Then I have a try as follows:

1.Outputs the doublet strength on body surface and wake surface,and the source strength on body surface.

2.Generates a body-fixed grid and calculates the velocity induced by all the doublets and sources at each point.

Finally,I have plot out the beautiful streamline .But I also found that,the induced normal velocity at the body surface didn't equal to the body moving normal velocity.So the streamline is not reasonable.Who can tell me why?

Peter Attar August 8, 2002 09:26

Re: How to plot streamline with panel method?
The boundary condition states that n dot (q-q_b)=0 where n is the normal vector q is the fluid velocity and q_b is the body velocity. If you set your equations up correctly the velocity on the solid boundary at the point on your panel where you are solving your equations should be equal and oppsite in sign to the velocity of the flow normal to the surface at that same point. Are you sure you are finding your influence coefficients correctly?

prat_24 June 2, 2014 05:51

Even i am using a panel method code, can u please explain in detail how did u plot streamlines i.e the set of commands used. i have used "meshgrid" command in MATLAB to generate the body fitted grid and used streamline(X,Y,U,V) command in matlab to plot but i get some weird pictures.It would be useful if u could give a detailed description.

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