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Ellen August 19, 2002 12:29

effective viscosity in RNG k-e turbulence model

I need to calculate the effective viscosity when using the RNG k-e model, and I have two questions:

1. A differential equation for the effective viscosity calculation is provided in Yakhot's paper where the origin of the RNG k-e model was discussed, but I found that the formulation of this equation is different from the one that's given in Fluent manual. I don't know why and which one is correct.

2. In the equation provided by Yakhot, the value of a constant C is not given explicitly. I found it might be 75, but not sure.

Could someone please give me an answer to these? I'd appreciate it very much.


Rami August 20, 2002 02:20

Re: effective viscosity in RNG k-e turbulence mode
Try to contact the author, Alex Yakhot.

The following is his homepage and e-mail address:


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