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Khurram August 27, 2002 17:45

Quadrature Rule for Triangles
Hi I am in search of higher Quadrature Rule for Triangles (for numerical integration). I have implemented 13 point rule but i need higher points. Can any one have seen it in litrature? Thanks

Tony August 27, 2002 19:16

Re: Quadrature Rule for Triangles
Please find:

P. Keast, "Moderate-degree tetrahedral quadrature formulas", Comp Meth Appl Mech and Eng, vol 55:339-348(1986).

Good luck.

Khurram August 28, 2002 15:56

Re: Quadrature Rule for Triangles
Thanks Tony. Keast's paper only have rules for Tetra Hedra elements. I want the higher order rules for Triangles. I have the paper by G.R.Cowper who tabulated integration rules for triangle. But he went upto 13 point rule. I want higher rule. Waiting for reply

Tony August 28, 2002 19:15

Re: Quadrature Rule for Triangles
Hope you may find the following classical references interesting:

Stroud, AH, 1971, Approximate calculation of multiple integrals, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall.

Cools, R & Rabinowitz, P, (1993), Monomial cubature rules since ˇ°Stroudˇ±: a compilation. J Computational and Applied Mathematics, 48: 309-326.

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