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Andrey V.Kuzmin February 2, 1999 11:50

FORTRAN90 - What and Where
Hi ALL! I'm New Here! I'm using FORTRAN77 for my work. I informed about FORTRAN90 from here discussion. Could somebody talk me general information about FORTRAN90 and where I can find it and its description????


You can answer me here or post directly to

Clifford Arnold February 2, 1999 17:11

Re: FORTRAN90 - What and Where
FORTRAN90 is the ANSI FORTRAN committee's attempt to update the fortran standard to a more modern language. The language technology is late 1980s, early 1990s. Some of the differences include Dynamic memory allocation and array notation that eases optimization for high performance computers and parallel processors.

There are several software packages that provide tools to convert code from FORTRAN77 to FORTRAN90 and vis-versa. My favorite over the years is made by Pacific Sierra. Their web page also has a summary of the FORTRAN90 language. Check out:

Good luck

mahesh prakash February 5, 1999 02:11

Re: FORTRAN90 - What and Where
Hi, FORTRAN 90 is basically a more user friendly version of FORTRAN 77. I suggest you check out lahey fortran 90 at the lahey site:

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