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Ajit September 3, 2002 00:28

thermo-flid modelling+multiphase flow
Is it possible to model thermo-fluid interaction, in which the fluid involves phase change. Water and steam alltogether. water falling on a heated plate and becomming steam, and changes the temperature distribution in the plate. Please help me with your valuable suggestions....thnx

steve September 3, 2002 00:30

Re: thermo-flid modelling+multiphase flow
I suppose fluent can do this......they might reply to ur problem.....

Nico September 3, 2002 04:56

Re: thermo-flid modelling+multiphase flow
Yes, but only the new version Fluent 6.0 can do such multiphase flow with heat and evaporation. I did the same thing for cooling plat in metallurgy.

Ziad September 3, 2002 06:33

Re: thermo-flid modelling+multiphase flow
you'll have to couple the two-phases with mass and momentum source/sink terms relative to evaporation/condensation. probably a segregated solver for resources since you're solving the entire system with energy and very likely turbulence.

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