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Cahtterjee September 5, 2002 07:10

Nu value of 2-D Channel
Where can I found the value of Nu for a 2-D channel.

I want to Nu for Re=40,000 based on double the channel height (2H) or 20,000 (based on charac lenght H)

Rami September 5, 2002 10:20

Re: Nu value of 2-D Channel
You'll find it in any standard heat transfer textbook (e.g., Holman, Ozisik, etc.). For tubulent flow, it is usually given as correlations in the form:

Nu = c * Re^m * Pr^n

where Re and Pr are Reynolds and Prandtl numbers, and c, m, n are the correlation parameters.

Simmons September 5, 2002 12:35

Re: Nu value of 2-D Channel
but if it is a mixed convection case, add Gr in the corelation formula. you can find this in any heat transfer book.

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