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ff_fan September 11, 2002 19:33

DNS of homogeneous shear flow: comments please!
Dear DNS community:

First, I am brand new to DNS; this is the first problem I am trying to solve.

I've done a literature search about the details of DNS for homogeneous shear flows. I've put together my notes into a MS Word document. The document describes the development of the equations that (I think) are actually programmed: starting with the general governing equations for the fluctuating velocity. Most of the content is from Rogallo (1977, 1981) and Canuto et al. (1988). This is only a first draft, but I'd like to get a response from anyone that has experience in DNS of homogeneous shear flows.

The main thing I am concerned about are the steps that I list, at the end of the document, to solve the problem. They are very general, and I want to know if I am leaving any major logical step out. I'm not concerned at this point about details of the step size, control of aliasing errors, or re-meshing the domain.

If anyone sees errors in the development of the final equations or if you know of a more robust and efficient way of setting up the equations, I would very much appreciate a response.

As I said, the file is a MS Word document prepared on a Macintosh. It will open on a PC though. If it is more convenient for me to post it as a PDF file, let me know, I could probably do that too.

The link for the file is on the page: (It is the only link on the page)

Thanks in advance for any comments you may have.

Cheers, ff_fan

Tom September 12, 2002 02:28

Re: DNS of homogeneous shear flow: comments please
The equations after the coordinate transformation can be found in Jacobitz et al. (1997), JFM 342, pp. 231-261. Actually, I am doing DNS of homogeneous shear flow right now. It is, however, not very easy to do something new in this area. A lot has been publiced on this topic already.

By the way, I am not able to read word-documents.


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