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latifimran Jalil September 13, 2002 06:53

can someone help ?
I am PhD researcher at De montfort university, uk. I am researching on establishing new techniques in stabilizing the airflow in radiant cooling and displacement ventilation environment.

I am currently using cfd (sabre 1) I am trying to model the effect of the air near the cool ceiling,

and also looking for ideas in how to suppress the airflow in an solid to porous environment. that is a solid surface at the top (ceiling) and porous environment ( that is the area below the ceiling).

* I would be grateful if any one can suggest any ideas as how to suppress the air flow between the mentioned case.

* can some also suggest which is the best CFD model to use for air flow at low Rayleigh numbers. ( ie laminar, eddy, or kepsilon).

* can someone also tell me at what height the air will become suppressed between a solid and a porous environment (see the case mentioned above).

I will looking forward for the reply to theses questions.

thank you in advance

l jalil.

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