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moh September 17, 2002 06:49

simulation of dam break
hi I want to simulate dam break .could you help me? thanks

Tom September 17, 2002 07:47

Re: simulation of dam break

Barry September 17, 2002 10:13

Re: simulation of dam break
Amen to that Tom!!!

Holidays September 24, 2002 03:16

Re: simulation of dam break
Most CFD codes can do this type of work (dam break, weir flow, spillways). Look on their websites on at their publications. I have carried out such work with CFX notably, but only qualitatively so far. I am also pretty sure that some hydraulics institutes in the UK, Denmark and NL have reviewed these cases as well.

mukhopadhyay September 24, 2002 23:24

Re: simulation of dam break
cheers, barry.

dear holidays, you have got 'qualitative'results - what about 'quantitative'? how do you guarantee these 'qualitative' results even ? by the way, was it with the vof method, the 'anything and everything can be done' one. amen!

Jim Park September 25, 2002 18:19

Re: simulation of dam break
The first such simulation I recall was done by Los Alamos using the Marker-and-Cell (MAC) technique. They found an experiment (lab scale dam?) and matched the crest position vs. time in a non-dimensional frame.

Of course they re-ran the problem when they released the Simplified Marker-and-Cell (SMAC).

This is I think missing a generation of free surface algorithm.

The last appearance of this test case is in some of the papers generated with the introduction of SOLA-VOF.

You can find the journal articles by searching on combinations like Harlow and MAC, Amsden and SMAC, Hirt and SOLA-VOF, or Hirt and VOF.

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