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Chris September 23, 2002 19:10

Marker particles
Just wondering if there is anyway to follow the path of a particular particle through a transient simulation using CFD-ACE? I am not talking about the particle trace and streamline options which display a predicted trace for each tome step.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edward G. Cruz October 8, 2002 22:08

Re: Marker particles
If I were to do your problem on Fluent:

For each time step, deltaT of your simulation, I save a copy of the image that shows the particle in the flowfield and repeat N times deltaT for the entire time window of the unsteady simulation. I then assemble all the image files using an image editor. And that's it, an animated unsteady simulation showing the particle(s) as it traverses the flowfield.

You can apply the same technique to CFD-ACE. Go with the Flow! Edward

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