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R.Sureshkumar February 6, 1999 01:09

Source Term for Pressure-SIMPLE
Hi How do we add Mass source term in pressure correction equation(SIMPLE). Any insight on this account. Advance Thanx for the efforts. c'u

Anil Shenoy February 6, 1999 14:34

Re: Source Term for Pressure-SIMPLE

If you have source term in the continuity equation (if you solving any chemical generation etc.), and convert the continuity equation to an equation for pressure correction. The mass source can be added to mass residual term. see: pg. 125 of Numerical heat tansfer & fluid flow -Patankar.


R.Sureshkumar February 9, 1999 21:10

Re: Source Term for Pressure-SIMPLE
Hi Anil Thanx a lot I could solve that, however i face difficulty with adding energy source(heat source). If you/any other can through some light it will be helpful expecting some advice rsk

Anil Shenoy February 10, 1999 11:19

Re: Source Term for Pressure-SIMPLE
Hi Sureshkumar,

I could like to clarify the following:

(1) Do you want to know how to add a energy source to the energy equation (enthalpy/temperature/internal energy) and couple it with SIMPLE.


(1) Do you have any particular energy source term that you are having a problem with??

Could you please clarify this?


R.Sureshkumar February 11, 1999 08:17

Re: Source Term for Pressure-SIMPLE
Hi Anil Your first one is correct. I am solving two phase flow (droplets/air). For air am using FV method as S.V.Patankar's book goes. The problem is in a)What term's constitute for source b)where to add them. I am adding it to SC part (i.e source remaining constant.) c)And the source is added only once. Being a steady state pb. is this right. i am right now engaged in some corrective measures after going thro some papers. I wish i have put clearly and would like to thank you a lot. cu rsk

Mo Yun February 23, 1999 05:42

Re: Source Term for Pressure-SIMPLE
Hi, you'd better write out the governing eqs. that you are going to solve and then check what kind of source terms should be added. It seems that you haven't fully understood what you are going to solve.

R.Sureshkumar February 23, 1999 06:33

Re: Source Term for Pressure-SIMPLE
Hi Thanx for the reply. The above messages were posted step by step while i where solving the problem.The latest difficulty is Divergence of the solution when i add Energy source in the cells. do you have experience inthis area? for i would like to ask certain specifics. cu

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