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Francisco October 3, 2002 18:59

aerodynamic noise
CFD Community:

Can someone led me to any book/article that explains the mechanism of aerodynamic noise? I need to understand how is the interaction between a blade and its encasing casting and problable scenarios like two blade in a case?? Would the gap width between the tip of the blade and the housing play a fundamental role?

Would appreciate any input.


Praveen C October 4, 2002 03:24

Re: aerodynamic noise
Check this page.

Edward G. Cruz October 7, 2002 04:14

Re: aerodynamic noise
-Try a search on author: "Howe" It's classical fluid dynamics and he's quite a complex dude to understand. He's an authority on aerodynamic noise and he has published a lot of works in regard to the subject. In response to your question, I think yes. Good luck on your library search. Try Journal of Fluid Mechanics for to start your search. Also "Annual Review of Fluid Dynamics" Hope this helps and Go with the Flow; Edward

Francisco October 7, 2002 08:13

Re: aerodynamic noise
Praveen + Edward: Thank you for your input. It is a start and I am already looking into the simulation of blades breaking the vortex. Francisco

Dimitri Nicolopoulos October 9, 2002 12:08

Re: aerodynamic noise

You can have a look at the published papers section of our website, Under the MCube / publications, you will find several papers dealing with Aero-Acoustics and more specifically a SAE paper about axial fan noise. There are also examples of fans in the M-Explicit / Application section.


Francisco October 9, 2002 12:32

Re: aerodynamic noise
Dimitri: Thank you I will be looking at it. Could it be possible to have momentary shock waves if the velocity gets around 340 m/s? Francisco

Dimitri Nicolopoulos October 9, 2002 12:37

Re: aerodynamic noise
Well, yes, our code is compressible and we have been dealing with problems involving shock waves.


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