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zqnwpu October 5, 2002 04:04

What is "SIMPLE algorithm method"??
Hello,my friends:

I am a student of learning aerodynamics.Today I have some difficulties in my study. I am using a code that the author said "it incorporates the FVM useing SIMPLE algorithm method ".

But i don't know what is it. Where can I find the book or paper about it?

I appriciste for you help.Thank you!

Rami October 6, 2002 02:32

Re: What is "SIMPLE algorithm method"??
Hi zqnwpu,

I recommend the book

S.V. Patankar, Numerical Methods in Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, Hemisphere, 1980.

Patankar - together with D.B. Spalding - developed the SIMPLE algorithm in 1972. The book is also very clear and well-written.


Holidays October 6, 2002 09:37

Re: What is "SIMPLE algorithm method"??
SIMPLE = Semi Implicit Methode for Pressure Linkage Equation

SIMPLER = Revised

But there are others such as PISO, SIMPLEC, th latter being pretty good.

Used to link the calculated velocities to the guessed pressure field in order to update the latter in the continuity eqn.

The above uncoupled methods are ALL available in standard CFD textbooks, such as Roache, or Versteeg and Malalasekera and should be documented in the code you re using.

This type of technology is now becoming superceeded by fully coupled algorithms though (in term of rapidity of convergence in general), although when different scales exis in the model it can be wise to uncouple certain equations to ease the computation (eg on chemicals MF)...

Some 1. October 7, 2002 13:19

Re: What is "SIMPLE algorithm method"??
Versteeg and Malalasekera, as mentioned in the previous post, is an excellent introduction to the finite volume method.

zqnwpu October 11, 2002 04:18

Re: What is "SIMPLE algorithm method"??
Hi,my friends Thank you very much,I had found some books about it!

paul October 11, 2002 23:21

Re: What is "SIMPLE algorithm method"??
Hi! all

I am a new student for computational method. So, I don't understand what "fully coupled algorithms"and "uncoupled methods" mean. If you let me know these, I will appreciate. Bye

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