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Abhi October 6, 2002 06:17

abt Visualization in LINUX
I want to know - is there any visualization s/w which comes with LINUX ? Till now I was using TECPLOT but I only have an old dos version of it !

sylvain October 7, 2002 03:00

Re: abt Visualization in LINUX
You may look at OPenDX :


Seb Perron October 7, 2002 08:17

Re: abt Visualization in LINUX
Try VU from the CERCA in Montreal or GMV :

AJ MacLeod October 8, 2002 05:45

Re: abt Visualization in LINUX
Tecplot is also available for linux, if you're willing to pay the asking price...

We use Gnuplot for the bulk of our visualisation stuff, the very latest development versions (from CVS) have some nice features. For complex 3D work though, openDX as mentioned below looks very impressive.


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