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Root Willow October 9, 2002 21:53

SOS. Ask a urgent question
Honorific experts:

Now I am developing a CFD program which fits a low speed and viscid compressible field. The field has inner heat source and the neccessary scalar value is density and pressure.

I had consulted a few books about CFD but can't find a suitable solving meshod.

Please you who is familar with this problem give me a teach. Thanks a lots!

Wei October 11, 2002 12:26

Re: SOS. Ask a urgent question
You may try the Pressure-Implicit with Splitting of Operators (PISO) method for compressible flows. This is a claimed non-iterative method and easy to implement. You can study the method yourself from the following reference:

R.I. Issa, "Solution of the Implicitly Discretised Fluid Flow Equations by Operator-Splitting," Journal of Computational Physics, Vol 62, pp40-65, 1985.

Good luck

Root Willow October 11, 2002 21:44

Re: SOS. Ask a urgent question
Dear Wei,

Thank you for your response.It's really very helpful to me.I'll try for that as soon as I can .

However,there is no The Journal of Computational Physics by my hands. If you have an electronic edition of this paper may you drop a email with it to me ?

Thanks again.

sincerely yours,

root willow

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