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Adrian February 7, 1999 13:39


I'm now currently a third year student. Does anyone know how to put in the homogenous heat source of 10kw/m3, 30kw/m3 and 120kw/m3 to the recirculation zone in a sudden expansion flow in 2-d? Beside that, what formula should i use to calculate the value of 10kw/m3, then 30kw/m3 and then 120kw/m3 of heat source because my inlet is 273K and i want the recirculation zone to have heat source of 10kw/m3, etc.. thank you.

Sung-Eun Kim February 18, 1999 14:02

Re: Fluent
Dear Adrian,

Sorry that it took a while to get back to you. You want to put the heat source in the recirculation region. Hmmm, interesting !

You can certainly specify heat source in your domain in FLUENT. You can use user-defined functions (UDF) to do that (I'm here assuming that you're using FLUENT 5, but you can do similar things in FLUENT 4.5). The question is how we can define the recirculation region. If you agree that we can define the recirculation region as the part of the domain downstream the sudden expansion WHERE THE AXIAL VELOCITY IS NEGATIVE, then what we can do is something like;

Do his for all cells if axial_velocity is negative

heat source = whatever_value_you_want_to_specify End

The actual coding will differ depending on whether you're using FLUENT 4.5 or FLUENT 5.

Regarding the second question, I'm afraid I don't understand your qeustion.

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