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Root Willow October 12, 2002 23:24

about Roe matrix !
hello all,

I'm now studying the Roe scheme. But I didn't find how to express the flux's jacobi matrix in terms of (density,velocity,enthalpy ).Who may tell me how to get the expression of the matrix? thanks.

gita October 14, 2002 09:23

Re: about Roe matrix !

Equation:U_t + F_x=0 ----(*) where U=transpose of[rho rhou rhoE] and F=transpose of[rhou rhou**2+p rhouH]

* is rewritten as U_t + A U_x=0 where A is the Jacobian matrix A= dF/dU. Differentiate the flux matrix components wrt the components of U.


Root Willow October 15, 2002 04:26

Re: about Roe matrix !
hi gita, Thank you for your answer.

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