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moh October 16, 2002 07:42

hi could any one describe for me how can i append two data file.for example in my restart code i want data of restart program dont over right on the last data thanks

Rob October 16, 2002 10:06

Re: fortran
This can be compiler dependent but I have generally found the following successful for a number of fortran 77 and 90 compilers:

Suppose you have a file called data.dat which is not empty.

If you simply use open(**,file='data.dat') , where ** is your reference number to the file, and then write to the file all old data will be overwritten.

To overcome this problem modify the open statement to read open(**,file='data.dat',ACCESS='APPEND') where ** is as before. Your old data should now be safe and the new data will follow it.

Hope this works


newcomer October 17, 2002 05:52

Re: fortran
A caution - in the very beginning you should once open the file (not append access) and close the same. Otherwise you get a huge appended file. Your case is for restart.

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