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mayank October 19, 2002 13:53

Neural Networks in CFD???
Has anyone worked on the "practical" applications of Neural Networks in CFD?

i would like to start a discussion thread on this topic and would like if u all contibute to this discussion...


Kalyan October 21, 2002 15:13

Re: Neural Networks in CFD???
What exactly did you have in mind. The only instance of Neural Networks in CFD I know of is in the construction of lower order manifolds (in-situ) for kinetics while modeling combustion.

Jeff Moder October 23, 2002 11:51

Re: Neural Networks in CFD???
The following paper may be of some interest. It is not using Neural Networks, but i assume such an approach could have been done to optimize under-relaxation factors.

International J. Heat and Mass Transfer Vol. 44, pp.3811--3822, 2001 "Tuning of a fuzzy rule set for controlling convergence of a CFD solver in turbulent flow", Z. Dragojlovic, D. A. Kaminski, J. Ryoo

- looks at using fuzzy logic to adjust under-relaxation factors for SIMPLER based CFD code

- considers 2 flows: backward facing step, buoyancy driven flow in rectangular cavity

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