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Jean-Yves February 9, 1999 17:54

Good afternoon,

I am looking for companies, institutes or laboratories working on the application of cfd for bio-fluids (medicine, biotechnology, blood,...).

If you know some addresses please email-me

Thank you


Richard Thoms February 10, 1999 10:08

Re: bio-application
CFDRC has a group dedicated to biomed applicatons. The CFD-ACE+ package has been used to model everything from heart flows (including deforming body and valves) to small scale biomems (microelectromechanical) devices. Check out some of the biomed applications at

The biomed branch manger is Dr. Vinod Makhijani. He can be reached directly at

Regards, Richard Thoms

Gassan Abdoulaev February 12, 1999 05:28

Re: bio-application
Hi! Take a look at . Regards, Gassan

Eric Grald February 16, 1999 14:28

Re: bio-application
FIDAP from Fluent Inc. is widely used for simulating fluid flow and heat and mass transfer in medical devices, blood flow in internal organs and vasculature, air flow in lung/nasal passages, etc.

You can find more information about FIDAP and several biomedical examples at

Please write to me directly if you need more information.

Eric Grald

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