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roadracer October 22, 2002 11:31

CFD validation
Hi. I have to choose a benchmark to validate a commercial CFD code. The benchmark should be a transient,turbulent test case, with available test data. It should not be with moving boundaries. Can anyone help me? Cheers


Martin Nilsson October 22, 2002 13:15

Re: CFD validation
Choose an application closely related to the problem you will be investigating. But in answer to what you wrote I could suggest tubulent flow in a duct, possibly emptying into a reservoir. For turbulent flow in a duct/pipe there should be plenty of data around (including DNS data). Most vendors will have similar benchmark available, probably on their web site. As for the flow field in the reservoir I don't know. Someone else?


Bill October 23, 2002 06:27

Re: CFD validation
Which vendor(s) are you evaluating?

What's the field? It's no good just looking at single-phase if you are going to be looking at multi-phase or combustion or open-channel flow etc.

joel October 23, 2002 07:16

Re: CFD validation
try the ercoftac website they have a fair few cases some with experimental data

Karl October 23, 2002 07:17

Re: CFD validation

Your test case should indeed be representative of what you are going to be investigating yourself later. It should be simple and focus on the key elements that will be essential to your application (geometry handling, meshing or physics etc.) so that you get your answer fast and that its interpretation is clear and "easy". If it is simple enough most vendors will do a test case for you or help you set it up. If more complex it might become a consultancy... although this might all depend on your budget!

roadracer October 23, 2002 09:09

Re: CFD validation
I have to validate a new CFD code, that still has to be developed (written), and to check the behaviour of the code we decided to set up different test cases. Thatīs why we canīt ask the vendor for a benchmark. Amongst the test cases, we have choosen to set up a "simple" transient case, because of the benchemark for a complex, non stationary case with moving boundary has already been set up. I think that the complex,moving boundary case will be used to test the combustion model, that of course will have to manage multicomponent flows.

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