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mukkarum October 23, 2002 01:47

Horizontal Francis Turbine (VOITH)
We purchased horizontal Francis Turbine from Voith in past. Now we want to do simulation of its rotor. Firstly we want to calculate different parameters of turbine and then simulation and redesigning of runner and then again calculation of different parameters. If any one is using Horizontal Francis turbine please contact me so that i could know how to calculate different parameters like flow, power, efficiency, tourqe, specific speed. thanks

Allan Morriison October 23, 2002 21:46

Re: Horizontal Francis Turbine (VOITH)
A google search using "Francis turbine" gives these hits plus others.

1. [PDF]Complete Francis Turbine Flow Simulation using Fluent -

2. Forum Question: "francis turbine " ... francis turbine "

3. Flow through an entire Francis turbine ... 1999. New Insight into an old product by high performance computing, Simulation of the flow through an entire Francis turbine. M. Heitele ... - 5k - Cached - Similar pages

mukkarum October 24, 2002 00:28

Re: Horizontal Francis Turbine (VOITH)
Thanks very much for your help But from all these information still i haven't got the method of designing of francis turbine. but i have emailed all of them about them you informed me. If you have any further information and you have any soft copy of Francis Turbine designing Method please send me. Do you know about surge tank its function and designing. Thanks again

Allan Morriison October 27, 2002 23:11

Re: Horizontal Francis Turbine (VOITH)
Recommend YOU do a google search ( using "Francis turbine surge tank" - lots of hits - pick what you want.

ArslanOZCAN November 29, 2012 18:56

Hi mukkarum;

I has been too much time since your last post but i wanted to give it a try.
I am working on Francis turbine design and had some progress. We might do some work together. Send me a message for further talk.

Best regards.

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