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lego October 24, 2002 13:47

Turbulence boundary values

I need your suggestion which kind of turbulence boundary condition to be used. I calculate flow field and mixing between heated rod bundles. I already have a result file, and I would like to set the inlet turbulence parameters for a new run on the basis of the outlet results of this previous calculation. I use the k-Omega turbulence model.

I can export the following turbulence parameter values:

Eddy Viscosity [kg /m/s] Shear Strain Rate [1/s] Turbulence Eddy Dissipation [1/m2/s3] Turbulence Eddy Frequency [1/s] Turbulence Kinetic Energy [1/m2/s2]

And I can set as input parameter the followings:

Turbulent Intensity and Eddy Viscosity Ratio [dimensionless], [dimensionless] k and Epsilon [1/m2/s2], [1/m2/s3] Turbulent Intensity and Eddy Length Scale [dimensionless], [m]

My problem is that I have a detailed result, but I can set only AVERAGE values. And for example in case the Turbulence Kinetic Energy (k) the values near the wall is much different than it is in the main flow.

Which type of setting should I use? And how can I calculate these parameters from the parameters, which can be exported? (For example Eddy Viscosity Ratio = Eddy Viscosity/Dynamic Viscosity)

Thanx: LEGO

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