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Nashat October 28, 2002 14:00

Cp & gamma for Hydrogen

I was wondering if someone knows the thermodynamic properties (Cp, gamma, etc.) of hydrogen gas and/or point me to a reference.

Thanks a lot, Nashat

allan October 28, 2002 14:55

Re: Cp & gamma for Hydrogen
mcbride bj et al

thermodynamic properties to 6000k for 210 substances involving the first 19 elements

nasa sr3001 1963

gives polynomial coefficients.

Dean October 28, 2002 16:16

Re: Cp & gamma for Hydrogen
An alternative is to Google Alex Burcat and go to the site at UC-Berkeley. That site has directions for using the polynomials and a text file with coefficients for many species.

ken October 28, 2002 19:11

Re: Cp & gamma for Hydrogen
Try- Prof. Burcat's web page (mirror):

Nashat October 29, 2002 11:00

Re: Cp & gamma for Hydrogen
Thanks a lot!


Jeff Moder October 30, 2002 12:16

Re: Cp & gamma for Hydrogen
The properties in the 1963 report NASA SP-3001 have been updated many times since this report.

An easy to use property generator for various species containing the most current updates (relative to the above NASA report) is found at

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