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muygun October 31, 2002 17:21

NACA0012 exp.results
Please help me, I need experimental pressure distibutions over NACA 0012-14-16 symmetric profiles at Re=5,6,9 millions. Thanks a lot.

Anders November 1, 2002 10:08

Re: NACA0012 exp.results
Hi, Did you search the NASA technical report service at:

A lot of pdf files may be downloaded from there.

Regards Anders

muygun November 1, 2002 12:33

Re: NACA0012 exp.results
Thanks Anders, I searched that web adress but I couldn't find exactly what I want especially pressure distrbutions for subsonic incompressible flows.

boling November 5, 2002 01:01

Re: NACA0012 exp.results
I guess you could find that in AGARD AR-138

ZIBI November 9, 2002 20:11

Re: NACA0012 exp.results

James Date November 11, 2002 17:08

Re: NACA0012 exp.results
J.J Thibert, M. Grandjacques, and L.H. Oham, "NACA 0012 Airfoil", AGARD Advisory Report, 1979.

N. Gregory and O.L. O'Reilly, "Low Speed Aerodynamic Characteristics of NACA0012 Airfoil Section, Including the Effects of Upper Surface Roughness Simulation Hoarfrost", NPL Aero Report 1308, National Physical Laboratory 1970.

I think one of the these reports will have what you are looking for.


James Date

muygun November 11, 2002 18:40

Re: NACA0012 exp.results
Thanks a lot James.

muygun November 11, 2002 18:41

Re: NACA0012 exp.results
Thanks a lot, Boling

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